Ball Striking

ball striking photo

The SAT Finishing/Ball Striking session will be a fun and exciting way to offer our players the chance to get the repetition and quality instruction they need in order to practice the art of scoring goals. Shooting is usually the first thing everyone wants to learn, yet is the hardest to learn.

Just because someone knows how to shoot or strike a ball well does not mean they are finishers or goal scorers. Our Finishing/Ball Striking sessions will cover everything from being able to strike the ball different ways with all parts of both feet to being able to create your own shot. This is meant so each student can begin to bridge the gap between shooting and technical finishing.

Sessions will be broken up into technical and application portions. Each session will have a specific finishing focus area:

  •     Volley/Half Volley
  •     Striking while on the move
  •     “Back to goal” reception and shot creation
  •     “Aerial” reception and shot creation
  •     Shot creation off the dribble
  •     In-swingers / Out-swingers
  •     Free Kicks
  •     Heading

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