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This program is designed to improve the players technique/skill by involving parents to observe their kids doing more of what they love – soccer. The SAT Juggling Club, sponsored by SAT Directors, is a program that promotes ball mastery and confidence for players of all ages.  Juggling is one of the best ways to get comfortable with the ball with all surfaces of the body. Juggling also teaches players how hard and fast they need to play with the ball to accomplish their goals. This repetition enhances overall playing ability, core strength and balance.  Players gain confidence in their skills as they achieve higher goals in their juggling. The juggling club is designed to help increase both the physical and mental sides of soccer.  Players are rewarded when they reach various levels of achievement. Players must show their coach or a staff member that they have reached their goals.  Monthly updates will be made By SAT Juggling Directors ,Cris Luke,and Lennie Bailey.


Mastering technique and skill is an absolute necessity for young soccer players seeking a continued rate of progression and continued ability to compete in a highly competitive soccer environment.  Simply telling players that they must work on skills at home is not effective.  The goal setting portion of this program will revolve around setting up technical goals for players, helping players set technical goals for themselves and helping parents understand their crucial role in support and reinforcement for achieving those goals.

Juggling Achievement Club:

The SAT Juggling Achievement Club is designed to provide a goals-setting system that can be utilized to achieve significant improvement in technical skill, enhanced parental involvement in player/child development, and further association of life long fun with the game of soccer


Develop time management skills by maintaining discipline in a goal setting based juggling routine.
Begins with 1+ hour a week dedication consisting of 20 ‐30 minute juggling sessions 3 days a week.
A good starting number for beginning players is 300 –500 practiced touches per session, this can be accomplished usually in 20 –30 minutes.
Setting and achieving a goal of 300 ‐500 per session gives children a sense of accomplishment and improvement in technical ability

Parental Involvement:

Parental assistance and involvement with player progression increases their sensation of contribution to the player’s development (A positive point of pride for parents!) Parental assistance with the “Juggling Journal” (date/ minutes/ number of juggles) will display emphasis of task importance by parents.
Continued interest by parents frequently results in an increased and continued interest by players.
Supervision by parents can provide added ability to diagnose technical errors and additional suggestions for correcting errors.

Process For Success:

Practicing juggling regularly increases skills with the ball that are necessary for continued progression in the game.
A chance to perform juggling abilities in front of a coach provides an opportunity to display achievement in skill and dedication to the game.
Peer recognition of improved technical skill by teammates, parents, and coaches provides a improved sense of confidence to players.
Improved confidence often reciprocates in to increased ability to perform in the training environment and to compete at higher and higher levels of match play.

Rules For Qualification:

The player and parents must meet certain requirements before a player can perform a qualified attempt.  Players can only attempt a goal once a month, on the last practice of the month for each respective team either before or after training at the coach’s discretion
In order to attempt a goal players must present signed proof (Juggling Journal) of a minimum of (12) 20-‐30 minute juggling sessions outside of training
Players have two tries at obtaining a goal per qualified attempt. Meaning if a player allows an error (ball hitting the ground) they have one more try to reach the go

Providing rewards for goal-achievement serves as a form of double motivation for player accomplishment 100 juggles = “100 Juggles Club” T‐shirt
200 juggles = Pair of Adidas Soccer Socks
300 juggles = “300 Juggle Club” T‐shirt
400 juggles = SAT sweatshirt
500 juggles = “500 Juggles Club” T‐shirt and Adidas Size 1 juggling skills ball
750 juggles = Manchester Boots Bag
1000 juggles = Adidas Size 5 match ball and“1000 Juggles Club” T‐shirt
1500 juggles = Manchester United Jersey
2000 juggles = Adidas warm‐up
2500 juggles = Gift certificate to Soccer Max $120


Potential benefits of this program include improved SAT unity, continued SAT success, and spill over effects of goal setting in to community life.
Parent / player bonding through goal accomplishment increases association of positive direction when considering interactions with club.
Improved technical skill of all juggling club participants should translate in to continued and/or improved match capabilities for juggling club participant.
Realizing the potential of goal‐setting techniques on soccer skills can help families identify other areas of their lives that can benefit from the application of such methods.



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