Soccer Academy FAQ’s

2014-2015 Advanced Development Program (ADP) FAQ’s:

Common Questions & Answers


How does ADP work?
ADP is a Club neutral supplemental 10-month program that runs from the beginning of August through the end of May.  SAT holds player identification (tryouts) the first week of May annually. For players who did not make tryouts we invite them as a guest to one our training sessions.  Tryouts are held to hold a consistent level within the training groups.


What’s the size of the training groups?

  • The minimum size of groups per gender is 12 players. The maximum size of groups per gender is 20.
  • Once the maximum number is reached a wait list will be started and upon reaching the minimum a new group will be formed.
  • Players will be separated by gender.
  • Players will be separated by age if age groups are able to meet the minimum group size of 12.


What is the age range for the players participating in the SAT ADP program?
U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15


Can my player be both in ADP and Still Participate on my Club Team?  
Yes. The player’s who are selected for the ADP can still be rostered with their current club teams, attend all trainings for those club teams and participate in tournaments with their club teams. The ADP trainings are a supplement to the player’s existing club team. All ADP activities do not require association sanctioning.


Is this a team?
No.  This is a training group that will work together to get better, but club teams supplement their training as part of their complete team play.


How long are the sessions?
Sessions will be 60 – 75 minutes in length.  Sessions will begin with a technical warm-up, progress into technical theme activities, and end with 20-30 minutes of play.  The 10- month season is from August through May.


When does my son or daughter train?
Each training group has a class every day of the week (excluding Saturday), players can choose the days they want to attend.  The schedule was created so players club team schedule would not conflict.


What’s the difference between this training and my existing club training?
One of largest factors that determine the long-term success of any player is the amount of time the player spends working on technique individually, outside of team training sessions. While team training sessions can do many things – help introduce and refine technical skill, provide opposition and challenge, allow teaching of tactics and decision-making, etc. – in order to get sufficient repetition to become “skillful” with the ball, every player needs significantly more repetitions with the ball that can not be obtained in team training sessions.


Why should I join the Soccer Academy & Training ADP Supplemental Training Program?
You should join the ADP because the focus is entirely on the individual; in fact, we arm the player with superior technical and athletic skills to maximize his or her own individual potential.  With these elite skills they will have developed dynamic individuals who are an asset to any team regardless of their style or system of play.


What is the ADP practice environment?
The ADP practices are guided by 5 principles:

  1. Specifically designed practices
  2. Repeated a lot
  3. Feedback continuously available
  4. Highly demanding mentally
  5. It’s not much fun / to stretch outside your reach.  In other words, the players are forced to think outside their reach and are challenged and stretched outside of their comfort zone in every practice. Players don’t get away with the comfort of what they already know.


Is ADP for everybody?
No.  If your child is serious about soccer and can handle repetition of technical skills then this is appropriate for your child.  If your child must be entertained, then this will not be a good fit for your child.


Can my child switch training days?
The ADP training schedule is designed to be complimentary to our player’s competitive team program schedule.  Training for all of the groups are held Monday through Friday, and Sunday.  While we ask when you register that you choose a primary ADP training day, we understand that you may not know your team-training schedule. As such, players CAN adjust training day(s) when needed.  Players can also adjust their training schedule during the year if there is a team training conflict, sickness, or have a school conflict. In any case, parents need to send an email to the Director at to notify us of the requested change day 24-hours prior to the day.  We do this to ensure proper coach to player ratio.  Players can add additional training or permanently switch their trainings at any time with written email notification to the Director.


When does the ADP training start and end?

  • Training begins at pre-season camp August 11-14, 2014 from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon at Pine Trails Park
  • The first evening training session starts on Monday, August 18, 2014.
  • The last training day is Friday, May 29, 2015.


Where are the training sessions held throughout the year?
Training locations will be held at one of the following parks (subject to change):
Pine Trails Park, Parkland; Terramar Park, Parkland; Coral Springs Sportsplex.


What is the registration cost?
The annual registration fee is $100 per player.
Refer to registration page for our fee policy terms and conditions.


What are the monthly training fees?
The cost for training depends on the number of training days your player trains.  Players can select from 1, 2, 3 plus sessions (exclusive package).  The first payment is for the first and last months of training (August & May). Payments can be made on-line at or by check at the beginning of each month.

  • One training day per week $75/ month
  • Two training days per week $105/ month
  • Three or more training days $150/ month (Exclusive Package)


Do I need to purchase a training uniform?
Yes.  Uniforms are required for this program and will be distributed during pre-season camp or at your first training session.

  • The cost is $50 per uniform kit (includes: 1 t-shirt; 1 shorts; 1 pair of socks).  This will need to be purchased upon registration.
  • Additional uniforms can be purchased on-line at under the Gears section.


What is the Exclusive Package?
The players enrolled in this program are ages 9 through 13 years old who want to forget the idea of competition until they are older and want to focus on mastery of skills and tactical decision-making.

  • August Pre-Season Camp (Monday – Thursday; times TBD)
  • Players Train 3 or more days per week
  • Futsal Training
  • Street Soccer
  • Guest Training / Playing Opportunities
  • Mental Conditioning Classroom Sessions
  • Community Outreach
  • Weekly Director’s Update
  • Administration
  • 2-3 Player Evaluations


How do I register my player?
New player registration is continually open on-line registration at
Each player is required to complete the on-line form and submit payment at the time of registration (refer to above for fees).


Primary Means of Communication:

Contact Information:

  • Roger Thomas, Director @ 754.368.7138
  • Laurie Thomas, Girls Director @ 754.368.0158
  • Email:
  • Website: