Message from the Director

Photo of Coach Roger Thomas

Message from the Director…Mid-season Rap

2012 sure was fun and there’s no reason 2013 won’t match it!  A Huge Thank You to all SAT Supporters.   As I think back to 3-4 years ago, I can’t help but nod my head  about the kids and parents who are still in our program after so many years, some of them have been with us since we were involved in club soccer 6-7 years ago; and some even longer…Amazing!!!  You have helped us to change the mentality, and together we have shown everyone that success comes from plentiful training, and that the key is repetition,thousands upon thousands. It is simply not possible to get the necessary amount of touches in team training sessions. If a player is relying on his/her club practices and a game on the weekend to vastly improve their technique, it will never happen! And if a parent or a coach thinks otherwise, they are sadly mistaken.  I am Truly Happy and Proud to say that the Players that have stuck with us over time, they don’t even need to “think” about Technique during a match-it comes Naturally. Thank You again for sticking around. Thanks to all of the families who brought food and drinks to the Holiday Street Soccer party….everyone who attended had a blast! 

Player Evaluations! Before the break, we sent home player evaluations.  If you did not get your player evaluation because you weren’t at training, we will have it for you after the break.  The evaluation’s ratings and comments are designed to give players and their families an indication of where improvements have been made since the beginning of the season. The evaluation also highlights where players are excelling and where additional improvement is required. Please feel free to discuss any queries with our staff trainers.


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